CeNedraWood (cenedrawood) wrote in icenedra,

Light Textures 002 : lens flares

Tags: battlestar galactica, brushes, icons, sean maher
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The brushes look fantastic, and I so would love to use them. Except you only zipped the previews, I think. ^^;; I couldn't find the brush anywhere in there.
those should be the things you use. it's hard to make them into brushes since it would come out really weird on the image. what you want to do is open them up seperately in your photoshop, then add them to your image (either by copying them or moving them onto the image) and then turn that layer to lighten or screen, and that should make it work. does that help any?


11 years ago

These are awesome, I credited you on my User Info. Thank you!
Very pretty. Snagged and will credit in resources when in use. Thank you :p
snagged, friend-ed and credit it XD thanks!
snagged love these alot will credit you in my user info of my icon journal vylecons Also i have friended you. looking foward to more..

Thanks again
Loving the textures! Snagging and crediting!
Snagged! Thank you.
snagging and crediting!
Very pretty. I'm taking and crediting!
These look great =) Snagged with credit, thankyou!
I grabbed these, will credit. Thanks. :)
Lovely! Snagged and adding to my long ass resource list.
Beautiful! Will add you to my resources list.
Very nice. I grabbed, and added cenedrawood to my resource list.
so pretty! taking, & will credit when used! =D
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